How to Study Smart in Singapore

May 29, 2021

Studying for school exams is one of the most stressful aspects of a Singaporean student’s life. Students sometimes lose sleep by worrying about deadlines and last-minute revisions. Unfortunately, exams are a significant part of our education system and are not going away any time soon. As parents, one way to ensure your child aces the exams and has time to pursue other interests is by teaching them to study smart. Here are 5 simple ways to start studying smart today!

5 Ways to Study Smart in Singapore

  1. Plan and schedule ahead of time

Like everything in life, success goes hand-in-hand with planning. Fortunately, exams and tests are usually announced ahead of time. This allows students to prepare for it. Make sure your child knows the dates of all assignments and tests then map out a clear study timetable by planning backwards. This prevents any last-minute cram sessions that may put unnecessary stress on the student and result in them underperforming. This will also help keep your child focussed on the preparation needed to excel in the exam.

  1. Maintain consistent study habits

Consistency is key to studying smart so make sure your child keeps to the study schedule. Ensure that during the 60 or 90-minute study session, your child is focused on studying and is not distracted by social media or other forms of online communication. After the study session is over, make sure they have some free time to enjoy themselves by practising their musical instruments or playing computer games. Teaching them good habits like developing a study routine will help them understand that they don’t have to study all the time. There is time enough time for both studying and playing!

  1. Focus on key concepts

Studying smart is more effective than studying hard because it focusses on understanding instead of just memorising key concepts, This is important for students who want to ace their exams because teachers will usually test them on the application of key concepts. Part of studying smart is to ensure your child is good at taking notes. This will help them remember what they have studied in class and revise it at home. Furthermore, by taking notes, they can indicate areas that they don’t understand and ask for help from their home tuition teachers.

  1. Keep study materials organised

From the first week of school, see to it that your child keeps school materials well-organised. This helps them save valuable time when preparing for exams or doing revision. They don’t have to spend time looking all over for the materials they will be tested on. This level of preparation will ensure that your child does not procrastinate and can get straight to their revision.

  1. Take regular breaks

We cannot stress the importance of regular breaks enough. Students may burn out if they are overloaded or overwhelmed with impending deadlines and upcoming tests. Step back and give your child the room to breathe. Regular breaks are essential to keep their mind healthy and open to absorbing new information!

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