Ways to Improve Your Maths

Sep 28, 2021

Once you overcome your doubts, such as "Why is Maths important?" and "Why is Maths so hard?" it's an apt time to move over its challenges. Here are the suggested ways to end your struggles with Maths: 

Clarify the stereotypes related to Maths with facts and actual statistics. 

  • Adapt a befitting mode of instruction according to the student learning ability. For instance, primary teachers can use colourful blocks or other visual tools to teach students. 

  • Keep the subject relevant. Use real-life examples and applications to convey its importance. 

  • Hone maths skills with games or puzzles. For instance, a popular brain exercise, Sudoku, enhances concentration and logical reasoning. 

  • Use daily life activities to improve their calculation capacity. For example, manipulate cooking recipes based on the number of people, such as how much flour is needed to bake a cake for 4 or 10 people? 

  • Focus on strengthening a solid base of Maths concepts. Each concept helps in a better understanding of the next one. 

  • Make the child practice a lot of maths questions to develop a sense of expertise. 

  • Revise the challenging maths questions and concepts repeatedly. 

  • Use graphic and visualisation tools to solve complex word problems. 

  • Develop skills of performing mental maths for faster calculations. For example, practice performing easy multiplications in the head rather than writing it down. 

  • Modify instruction and learning approaches according to the child's disability. For example, divide topics into interesting subtopics to engross students with ADHD. 

  • Get medical help for severe symptoms of disorders such as Maths Anxiety or Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

Once you've mastered the basics of maths, it will be easy for you to understand and learn to solve quadratic equations, word problems and work with natural and complex numbers. 

Math will always be a challenge for those who can't solve a basic equation in their head or on a piece of paper (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction). 

Don't panic; you can start improving your math skills right now! 

A tutor can help you learn if doing it on your own seems too difficult. A private maths tutor can offer the best academic support, a precise grasp of arithmetic issues, and more. 

You should be mindful that tutors use various instructional strategies depending on the learning demands of the individual.  

Various tutoring services can help parents select a math tutor for their children, such as one that has experience teaching math using games and exciting topics. 

Maths is a versatile subject. It's applicable and advantageous irrespective of one's field of work. Beyond a career, we can refine different life skills with Maths. It cultivates critical reasoning, abstract thinking, creativity, and an overall understanding of the world. With solid groundwork and a great deal of practice, almost anyone can master maths! 


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