Tutor Code: T14399


Gender: Female Tutor
Qualification: University
Name of the University: UNISIM
Qualification Achieved in which Major: Degree in English with Business
Grades: NA
Graduated Year: 2012
Type of Tutor: Current MOE Teacher
Experience (in year): More to 10 years
Experience and Dedication: Currently I'm a Senior Teacher specialising lower primary. Been teaching for 24 years.
Commitment and Other Details:
Preferred Locations for Assignments: West (West Coast, Clementi)
Available Time Slots:
Mon (12 pm – 3 pm)
Tues (12 pm – 3 pm)
Wed (12 pm – 3 pm)
Level & Subject: Lower Primary (English, Math)
Price: Lower Primary
-- English: 70
-- Math: 70