Looking for Math Home Tuition? - Helpful Guide for Every Parent

May 09, 2022
Looking for Math Home Tuition? - Helpful Guide for Every Parent
Mathematics is the core subject when it comes to applying for entry into higher education study. Especially when Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) have provided the impetus for Singapore’s economic growth and progress. Math has been our daily use in our life, be it in computer programming, engineering, accounting and business analytics. Under Singapore’s Education System, Math is a compulsory subject for all students from primary to tertiary levels. Singapore’s mathematical reasoning and understanding of students ranked top in global comparisons. They provide one of the best Math educational systems in the world. Instead of memorizing and mastering skills; the Singapore curriculum focuses on teaching students to learn a subject through carefully structured foundational learning.
Matching Suitable Math Home Tutor
Students are under constant pressure to perform well on tests and exams, putting them under persistent stress. However, unlike other disciplines, Math is not very intuitive, and students often struggle to understand its conceptual topics. As a parent, constantly changing curriculums can be emotionally stressful especially if you are seeing your children struggle with Math. A practical solution would be enrolling your child with 1 to 1 private Math home tuition where the private tutor can provide him/her with complete and undivided attention to the student. The dilemma is that there are just so many Math home tutors in Singapore to choose from. Also, finding the ideal Math home tutor who can deliver a personalized Math program that suits the child’s learning requirements.
Personal Math Home Tuition
If your child is prone to distractions, TutorNow has a pool of highly-trained and experienced Math home tutors who can deliver a one-to-one tuition program tailored to  the student’s needs. In addition, we provide private Math group lessons. This allows the learner to receive more focused and tailored Math home tutoring. At the same time, they can connect with their peers, share ideas, and progress together. We also have highly qualified private Math tutors for students who can’t commit to long-term Math tuition but need that “extra boost” for forthcoming exams. They offer short-term Math hothousing sessions to help students build up their confidence, reinforce key formulas, clarify doubts, and expose them to possible Math exam questions.
With our pool of private Math tutors that had passed thru our stringent selection criteria, we are confident in recommending only empathetic and compassionate Math home tuition agency in SingaporeWe are abreast with the current Math curriculum and matching the student’s requirements at a reasonable price rate.
Levels of Math
At TutorNow, we have the expertise to cater to a broad spectrum of private Math tuition, ranging from pre-school Math tuition, primary and secondary school Math tuition (A Math & E Math), H1/H2/H3 Math tuition for Junior College (JC), IB and IP Math tuition or even Polytechnic and University Level Math-related modules tuition.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for learning Math. In schools, students might be at a disadvantage. For example, they learn Math at a different pace to the rest of the class and the teacher’s time is divided and individuals can quickly become lost in the crowd.
As a leading Math home tuition agency in Singapore, TutorNow strives to negate these problems. We provide dedicated and suitable Math private tutors. They can adjust their pace, focus, and lesson objectives according to the needs and abilities of the students. These Math home tutors recommended by us maximize the students’ learning efficiency. This inspires them to develop a liking towards the math subject.

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